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What's Your Routine?

Posted by Pastor Steve Biswell on 08-16-2017

Think how you brush your teeth. Do you start in the back or front? Left or right side? Teeth, tongue, or gums? I dare say some of you are gonna do a double take in the morning. Why? Because brushing your teeth is a routine that we just do and don’t think about.

Routines are a part of all of us. Some are just simple habits that we just grew up knowing, some are purposeful, and some are reactions to life that we have made a part of our existence.

The school year brings a new set of routines to our lives. A different pattern of living.

I would encourage you to take a look at your important habits. Are we healthy in how we take care of ourselves? Do we lead from purpose and joy or “have to”? Is our time with God an “I don’t want to feel guilty” time or “I am talking to my best friend” moments?

I find that when our routines are naturally changing is a good time to develop the habits we know need upgraded. Whether you put on your right shoe or left shoe first probably doesn’t matter but how we relate to each other does. Routine/habits can be healthy or hurtful. What are ours?

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