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  • The Big Picture
    Posted on 09-01-2017

    It’s kind of a funny thing-this thing called Labor Day. The very name suggests that we should be laboring, while in reality it is a federal holiday used for time off work. We all have roles to fill,...

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  • What's Your Routine?
    Posted on 08-16-2017

    Think how you brush your teeth. Do you start in the back or front? Left or right side? Teeth, tongue, or gums? I dare say some of you are gonna do a double take in the morning. Why? Because...

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  • Live With Purpose
    Posted on 07-14-2017

    When I lived in Vermont, I spent my fair share of time trudging through snow drifts. One winter, the park bench in our back yard was completely covered from the end of October through the end of March....

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  • Happy, Happy, Happy
    Posted on 06-27-2017

    "Happy, Happy, Happy." These words oft used by Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson, are plastered on tee shirts, posters, and TV. Even when the show shows crazy family stuff, they use this motto. A few years...

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  • Relax
    Posted on 05-20-2017

    Over the next four months, most of us will be taking time to enjoy summer. Vacations, cookouts, camping, sporting events, etc. will be things to look forward to. We should find healthy ways to relax, de-stress...

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  • Stop and Wonder
    Posted on 04-04-2017

    I get the junk mail and see the commercials for places that want me to come and visit. They promise new adventures and relaxation. They invite me to explore and get caught up in...

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  • How Do You Listen?
    Posted on 03-13-2017

    Balaam need a talking donkey. Both Josephs needed dreams. Moses needed signs. Mary needed an angel. Zechariah needed to be quiet. Thomas needed to touch. Peter needed to be affirmed...

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  • Marathon of Faith
    Posted on 01-30-2017

    I make a pretty mean alfredo sauce. Put it on some fettuccine noodles with grilled chicken and garlic bread on the side - put a smile on my face and send me to glory!! (And for you health...

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  • New Beginnings
    Posted on 01-11-2017

    As the calendar year flips over, most of us begin to think about new things. Things like a new tax year and remembering to write 2017 on our checks aren't so exciting. New Year's resolutions...

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  • Embrace the Small Things
    Posted on 12-13-2016

    A headmaster at a parochial school wanted to provide his new students some advice for appropriate behavior at church. He thought he would try to elicit rules that their parents might give the...

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  • Little Habits Matter
    Posted on 11-23-2016

    When I coached basketball, most of the guys wanted to start out by shooting long range 3-pointers. After all, that was more fun. Lay-ups and dribbling were so mundane. Running laps and lines...

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  • God is the Source
    Posted on 11-06-2016

    I have found that not long after my McDonalds meal, a carb induced energy rush happens. Then….it goes away and my body wants to slow down. My power source wasn’t healthy....

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  • We are not alone!
    Posted on 11-05-2016

    We are not alone!! No, I am not talking some sci-fi alien sort of way but in a God’s had it under control for a long time sort of way. The prophet Isaiah must have seemed crazy to the people he spoke to....

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